Presenting on Backwards from Winter at Operadagen today!

Very excited to be presenting a very short introduction to Backwards from Winter at OperaDagen 2019 today! This festival has been tremendously inspirational and I am impressed with the breadth and resourcefulness of so many of the works! Hoping for a nice reception for Backwards from Winter today!

Everyone has THREE MINUTES to make their pitch. I have had the stopwatch out for days and I think I have time to say “This is my opera Backwards from Winter!” Will try to fit a little more in. It is hard to imagine how people retain much in such a flurry of presentations, but we will see.

This has already borne fruit and I hope after today maybe something also a little more. In any case I am very excited to be the only American presenting alongside 12 other countries during the Music Theatre Makers from Abroad sections this afternoon.